Property Taxes


Nicole Cozzuli-Meer

Town Hall: (262) 675-6009 x103

Wisconsin Lottery and Gaming Credit Program

2023 Property Tax Instructions

Pay first installment or full payment to Town of Trenton before January 31.

See Property Tax Records to view and print your tax bill, pay online, check on payment status, and print receipts. NOTE: when searching for your property, the easiest method is to search by Address number without road name, and choose the appropriate property record. Then, use the dropdown menu to view "Taxes" which will show historical data.

REMINDER: To avoid paying late fees (or possible police fines of $147.50), please submit dog license applications no later than April 1. A copy of the Rabies Certificate is required by Wisconsin Statutes to be provided with the application.

After January 31, the Town of Trenton cannot accept real property tax payments. Payments must be made to Washington County.

Direct link to tax information search: Washington County Land Records -- Search by Parcel ID

Lottery Credit —
Find the following Lottery and Gaming Credit forms on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website.

Form LC-100 - WI Lottery and Gaming Credit Application

Form LC-110 - WI Buyer Lottery and Gaming Credit Application

Form LC-400 - WI Lottery and Gaming Credit Removal Request

If you have questions, email